Custom Consulting Workmate
The future of Consulting
Is AI-Enabled.
Partner up with AI and turn your team into an
AI-enabled productivity powerhouse.
AI is changing
the game.
AI-enabled consultants are faster, finish more tasks and have a higher
output quality than their non-AI peers. So much so that there's a
productivity gap forming. In short: organisations that enable their
employees with AI, are pulling ahead of those that don't.
Enter: The AI enabled
The age of Human + AI synergy is here.
For consultants - teaming up with AI means expanding their
knowledge, analytical capabilities and overall speed and
quality of work.
More Tasks finished
Increase in quality
Improve your workflow with
Custom Consulting Workmate.
Carv’s Custom Workmate is completely tailored to your needs,
and supports you exactly where you want to be supported.
Real-Time Meeting Attendance
Capture every detail, on every call
Automated Data entry
Instant report generation
Automatically inform stakeholders
AI generated follow up emails
Ready to innovate
consulting workflow?
Discover the power of
a custom workmate.
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of a custom consulting workmate.
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