Why Carv?

The revolution is here to stay.

Hybrid working has been adopted and embraced with unprecedented speed. Now that we’ve all had a taste of the flexibility it can offer, there’s no going back.

But freedom comes at a cost.

Hybrid work has added 25% more meetings to the average workday. And that day has become 20% longer. Meetings are essential, but time is in short supply.

Our mission is to let people thrive in the hybrid workplace.

What if you could miss a meeting without missing out? What if catching up was easier than sitting in? What if an hour of discussion could be digested in just 7 minutes?

At Carv, we’re building a meeting intelligence platform like no other.

One that instantly captures, distills, and shares the key content of any meeting automatically. So team members can participate when they need to — and quickly absorb the essentials when they don’t.

Our promise is simple:

Know what you need, in a fraction of the time. Let's meet less and achieve more.