AI-Powered Recruitment

Cut Admin, Boost Hiring

with AI for Recruiters

Carv is AI purpose-built to take over admin tasks related to intake calls & interviews.
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Carv recruitment dashboard

The AI-Enabled Recruiter

A renewed focus on
the candidate

30% of a recruiter’s time is spent on
repetitive admin. Bring it down to 0 with Carv!
Prep Made Perfect
Carv joins your intake calls and takes on the admin. Leverage the power of collaborative AI to generate job requirements and job descriptions in seconds-so you can save hours.
In the moment intelligence
Carv executes on-the-call administrative tasks like note taking, summarizing and Q&A notation, so you can focus fully on the conversation at hand.
Post-call, zero worries
After the interview, the candidate profile, interview notes and candidate presentation are waiting for you in Carv so you have zero worries, post-interview.

Recruiter-AI Synergy

You run the show,
Carv does the work.

Experience a new level of candidate-centric recruiting. With Carv by your side, you can fully focus on running the show - while Carv does the work.

Unmatched efficiency

Prevent the energy drain - delegate your admin work to Carv. See it as an always-on, never-tired colleague, who is ready to take over tasks you shouldn’t spend your time on.

Be present

No more distractions during intake calls and interviews. With Carv, you can be fully present and focus entirely on the person in front of you.

Perfect integration

Integrate Carv into your workflow for seamless Recruiter-AI collaboration.

Safe & Secure

With ISO and SOC 2 Type II certifications under our belt, you can leverage the power of Carv worry-free.

What Carv does for you

Stop typing, start hiring

Carv can handle all the repetitive tasks that take you hours - in seconds.
Candidate profiles
Job requirements
Job description
Intake notes
Interview notes
Candidate presentation

“With Carv, I no longer worry about taking notes, allowing me to fully engage in conversations. Afterwards, receiving AI generated output is like striking gold. It’s a game-changer for recruiters.”

Marcel van der Meer
Sourcing Trainer

“Carv helps us save hours on administrative tasks. It’s as if every recruiter has an extra helper and can focus on candidates & clients rather than repetitive admin tasks.”

Saskia Lolkema
Saskia Lolkema
Managing partner
Luke Recruitment

AI-Powered Recruitment

Cut Admin, Boost Hiring
with Carv

Carv is AI purpose-built to take over admin tasks related to intake calls & interviews.