How it works

Admin-free recruiting

in no time!

Carv is customized recruitment AI, tailored to you. Here's how it works.
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Our approach

An AI-assistant
that suits you

In three steps, we tailor Carv's AI to fit
your hiring workflow. Here's how:

Identify tasks

We start by identifying the tasks you want to delegate to Carv, and by determining the context Carv needs to handle these tasks effectively.

Customize AI

Next up, we customize Carv’s
AI to follow your style, output
format, and overall tone of voice.

Embed Carv

Finally, Carv becomes part of your workflow through a calendar connection and - if preferred - an ATS integration.

A new reality

AI embedded
in your workflow

After set-up, your personalized AI works alongside you, taking care of your admin tasks in a split second.
Joins your meetings
Carv listens in on meetings you invite it to, to make sure the AI has the context it needs.
Does your admin
During your meeting, Carv takes notes and starts working on the tasks identified during the set-up.
Saves you hours
After your meeting ends, the output of those tasks is waiting for you in Carv, effectively saving you hours every day.

The AI-Enabled Recruiter

Carv does the admin,
you focus on the human

Carv comes equipped to handle a set of
tasks 'off the shelf' and can be customized to
take on more.
Intake calls

Job descriptions

Right after an intake call, the job description for the role discussed is waiting for you in Carv.
All meetings

Meeting notes

During meetings, Carv takes notes
so you can focus on the person.
ATS integration

ATS updates

Connect Carv to your ATS
for instant ATS updates.

Candidate profiles

During interviews, Carv listens in and automatically creates an accurate candidate profile.
Intake calls

Intake reports

After an intake call, a detailed meeting
report is waiting for you in Carv.

And more...

Any and all admin tasks you might have,
Carv can be trained to handle them. In your style, tone of voice, and even output format.

Embedded in your workflow

Carv works

wherever you need it

Whether you want Carv to join virtual meetings, phone calls, face-to-face meetings - or all of the above, it's possible with Carv.


Invite Carv to your virtual meetings,
or customize it to join certain meeting types automatically.

Face to face

Record F2F meetings with Carv. Through advanced speaker diarization, Carv knows who's saying what and makes sure nothing is lost.

Phone calls

Carv can join your phone screens as well, enabling a full picture of every candidate interaction.

Integrated with your ATS

Integrate Carv with your ATS for automated ATS filing and a zero-admin recruitment process.  

Safe & Secure

Your peace of mind -
our priority

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AI-Powered Recruitment

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