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Customized AI for

in-house recruitment teams

Team up with Carv, stop wasting time on endless admin and start focussing on getting the right candidate in.
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Tailor made

AI that works
for you

In-house recruiters waste 20% to 40% of their time on admin tasks. Carv takes over this tedious admin work, so recruiters can focus on what they do best - finding the right people for the right positions!

Delegate admin

Whether it’s taking notes, writing job descriptions, drafting candidate profiles, or something else entirely - Carv’s AI does it for you. Better and faster.

Focus on the candidate

Spending less time on admin, means more time to spend sourcing candidates, connecting with them, and improving the candidate experience.

Improve candidate exp

Focus on the candidate, means happy candidates and hiring managers and as a result; a better experience for all involved!

Our approach

Three steps towards
recruiter-AI synergy

Carv’s AI is customized to fit your workflow and tone of voice, ensuring it handles your team’s admin tasks not only faster, but better too! Here’s how we customize Carv:
Step 1

Identify Tasks

First, we identify which tasks you want Carv to offload from your recruiters.

Step 2

Customize AI

Next, we customize Carv’s AI to suit your workflow, tone of voice and output format - ensuring Carv adheres to the quality standards you’re used to.

Step 3

Embed Carv

Finally, we embed Carv into your workflow via a calendar connection and - if preferred - an ATS integration.

A new reality

The AI-enabled
recruitment team

After setup Carv works embedded in the workflow of your team members, where it uses meetings for context, takes care of admin and saves hundreds of hours in the process.
Carv joins meetings
Carv can join intake calls, interviews, and various other meeting types. Prefer not to have Carv join a live call? No problem! You can easily upload meeting recordings to Carv manually.
Does admin in seconds
Based on the context of the call and the way it is customized, Carv’s AI executes admin tasks in seconds instead of hours.
Saves hundreds of hours
Effectively saving recruiters hundreds of hours that would normally be wasted on admin tasks.

Recruiter-AI synergy is here

You run the show
Carv does the work

Experience a new level of candidate-centric recruiting. With Carv by your side, you can fully focus on running the show - while Carv does the work.

Part of your workflow

Once embedded, Carv runs silently in the background springing into action when called upon.

Trained on your tone of voice

Carv’s AI is trained on your tone of voice and quality standards, to make sure its output is indistinguishable from yours.

Always on & lightning fast

Carv never gets tired, is always ready to do the work you don’t want to do and is lightning fast.

The last touch, is for you

Not happy with Carv’s output? No worries, you have the last touch and can edit output any time you want.

Embedded in your workflow

Carv works
where you work.

Whether your meetings are virtual, face-to-face, or by phone - Carv is there to help you out with any task imaginable. Connect Carv to your ATS for truly 0-admin recruiting.


Invite Carv to your virtual meetings,
or customize it to join certain meeting types automatically.

Face to face

Record F2F meetings with Carv. Through advanced speaker diarization, Carv knows who's saying what and makes sure nothing is lost.

Phone calls

Carv can join your phone screens as well, enabling a full picture of every candidate interaction.

Integrated with your ATS

Integrate Carv with your ATS for automated ATS filing and a zero-admin recruitment process.  

AI-Powered Recruitment

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