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Love Carv so much you can’t stop talking about it? Join us as Referral partner and earn for every referral who becomes a paying customer.
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Is this for you?

Do you have a network of recruiters, TA specialists, or staffing agency owners who could benefit from Carv’s AI? Take a look below to see if you’re a good fit.
You’re a Carv user and your connections work in Staffing and Recruitment or HR.
You are seen as a trustful advisor and you’re asked for software recommendations.
You are willing to recommend Carv to your network and make intros to our sales team.


Why partner with Carv

Refer your connections to Carv and earn a commission for every referral who becomes a paying customer.

Free Carv account for a full year

As a Referral partner, you benefit from a free Carv account the first year. Join the program, get your free account and referral link, and start spreading the word to earn rewards.

Earn 20% for every paying user you refer

People trust recommendations coming from their network more than any other source. This is why we reward you for every Recruitment Pro user you refer to Carv*.

Your referrals receive a discount too

We want to make this a win-win for you and your referrals. This is why we offer up to 20% discount to your referrals for the first year of subscribing to Carv on a Custom plan.

Ready-to-use product assets

We’re here to support you and to make it easy to promote Carv. By becoming our partner, you get access to ready-to-use marketing and product materials that you can share with your referrals.

Program setup

How it works

Get paid to help Recruiters bring their admin down to zero.
You share a referral link
Copy your referral link from your Partner dashboard and share it with your network. Make sure you don’t remove the UTM parameters so that your referral name is included in the link.
Someone signs up with it
When someone clicks on your referral link and subscribes to our Recruitment Pro or Custom plan, your referral is a success.
You earn a comission
You get a flat fee for every post and 20% commission for every qualified referral. The commissions are paid by invoice, and tracked in real-time in your partner dashboard.

Your rewards add up

See how much you could earn

Get paid to help Recruiters bring their admin down to zero.
20% commission for every paying customer you referred
This means €12/referral/month. By referring 10 customers, you can earn €120 monthly. The commission is awarded when a referred user subscribes to the Recruitment Pro plan.
Recurring commission for the first 12 months
Your commissions add up for the first 12 months. This means you can multiply your earnings by referring more paying customers every month - and they get a discount too! It’s a win-win.
Refer more users to earn more - there's no monthly limit
The Recruitment Pro commissions are not capped, so the more you refer, the more you earn. For Custom plan users, you earn a €500 flat fee per customer, capped at €5000 per month*.

“With Carv, I no longer worry about taking notes, allowing me to fully engage in conversations. Afterwards, receiving AI generated output is like striking gold. It’s a game-changer for recruiters.”

Marcel van der Meer
Sourcing Trainer

“Carv helps us save hours on administrative tasks. It’s as if every recruiter has an extra helper and can focus on candidates & clients rather than repetitive admin tasks.”

Saskia Lolkema
Saskia Lolkema
Managing partner
Luke Recruitment

Join us today

How to get started

Working with Carv is easy -
just follow the steps below to get started.
Step 1

Join the program

Once you apply to the program, we'll review your application and contact you within 5 business days. If you’re approved, you can start promoting Carv right away.

Step 2

Send referrals to Carv

Send your referral link to your contacts to refer them to Carv. If they sign up for the Recruitment Pro plan, they are considered qualified referrals.

Step 3

Start earning

Earn a 20% commission for every referral who becomes a paying customer, for the first 12 months. Your referrals receive a discount too - it’s a win-win.


If you can’t find an answer below, get in touch via the Contact page.

Who can become a Referral partner?

The best-fit Referral partners are HR, Recruitment and Staffing professionals, Business transformation consultants, Staffing agency owners who have a large network of Recruitment and Staffing connections, and are willing to refer people to Carv and make warm intros to our sales team. You’re a great fit if you’re seen as a trustful advisor by your network and regularly recommend tools you use, or get asked for software recommendations.

Do I need to be a Carv customer to join?

Yes, to become a Referral partner, you need to be an active Carv user. This ensures that your recommendations offer value to your referrals, and that you can answer product-related questions, to encourage your audience to become a paying Carv user.

What types of submissions are accepted?

A referral is considered qualified if they become a paying user on the Recruitment Pro plan. Thus, referrals are accepted only if they have the potential to become paying customers. For Custom deals, we pay a flat fee of €500/customer, capped at €5000 per month. Given the length of the sales cycle, these submissions are reviewed and paid separately.

How are my referrals tracked?

Your referrals are tracked through your Partner dashboard. You’ll be able to see clicks and follow your referrals’ journey until they become paying users. Please note that Custom deals are treated separately, as stated above.

How often can I refer people to Carv per month?

There is no limit to how many people you can refer, but payments are capped at stated above. The more customers you send to Carv, the more you earn.

When is a referral considered qualifying?

A qualified referral is a user who subscribes to the Carv Recruitment Pro or Custom plan through your referral link, within 30 days of clicking your link. Existing Carv customers and deals in progress do not qualify. Please see the Terms here for more details.

How much can I earn?

You earn 20% commission for every paying customer you refer to Carv. The commissions for Recruitment Pro customers are not capped, so the more people your refer, the more you can earn. For custom deals, you get €500 per deal, capped at €5000/month.

How do I get paid?

At the moment, we pay all commissions by invoice, so you will need to invoice us to get paid. All commissions can be tracked through your partner dashboard. You’ll be paid within 30 days once your referrals become paying users or a Custom deal closes.

What type of marketing materials do you provide?

You will get access to our media kit, brand guidelines, as well as ready-to-use banners and product imagery for your social media posts. Additionally, you are free to promote any blog article, podcast episode, or product video shared by Carv.

What is the difference between the Ambassador and the Referral program?

To become a Referral partner, you need to be an active Carv user. You can join the Ambassador program even if you’re not using Carv yourself, as long as you fit the selection criteria.

Can I join both the Ambassador and the Referral program?

The Ambassador program already includes a referral component, so if you’d like to promote Carv through your own content, then becoming a Brand ambassador is the better option. If you’re not a content creator or influencer but know people who might benefit from Carv, and love the product yourself, the Referral program is a better choice.

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