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Welcome to Futurize This, your go-to source for insights into the evolving landscape of talent acquisition. In this podcast, we delve into cutting-edge concepts, revolutionary tools, and transformative developments that are redefining the future of TA. From the impact of AI on the hiring process to the dynamics of remote recruitment, we cover it all. Join us and stay ahead of the recruitment curve, as we unravel today’s trends that are shaping the hiring landscape of tomorrow.

Futurize this, a work odyssey

Latest Episodes

Iwo Szapar

Co-founder of Remote-how

In this episode of Futurize This, we’re joined by Remote-how co-founder Iwo Szapar. Iwo is a passionate speaker, author and true remote-work advocate who collaborates with the world’s top companies on optimizing distributed workforces.

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Gile Bae

Concert Pianist

In this episode of Futurize This, we’re joined by Gile Bae. A prodigious pianist whose musical odyssey began with a debut performance in South Korea at the age of five. Today, Gile is a world-renowned pianist and multiple international competition winner, performing her captivating melodies on stages across the globe.

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Barend Raaff

Co-Founder of

In this episode of Futurize This, we’re joined by Barend Raaff, a visionary tech entrepreneur with over a decade of experience.

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Svanika Balasubramanian

CEO at rePurpose Global

In this episode of Futurize This we venture into the dynamic intersection of capitalism and sustainability. We're joined by Svanika Balasubramanian, the visionary force behind Repurpose Global, a pioneering platform combating plastic pollution head-on.

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James Lesner

Director Talent Acquisition at Catawiki

In this episode of Futurize This podcast, we're joined by James Lener, who heads talent acquisition at Catawiki – Europe's most visited online curated auction platform.

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Freke van Nimwegen

Founder of Tools to Thrive

In this episode of Futurize This, we sit down with Freke van Nimwegen, the visionary entrepreneur who transformed misfit foods into world class dishes served at dedicated restaurants with Instock, earning her a place in Forbes’ 30 under 30.

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