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Amsterdam based Carv raises $10M to offload admin from recruiters and realize recruiter-AI synergy

AMSTERDAM, June 2024 - Recruitment AI company Carv, today announced it secured $10M in seed funding, following the launch of its recruitment platform in March and the significant traction the company has experienced since. Among the investors are Global Founders Capital (GFC) and several independent angel investors who previously backed companies like Slack, Miro and Revolut. With the funding, Carv aims to accelerate its growth and expand the capabilities of its platform into different domains of the recruitment life cycle.

With its platform, Carv addresses one of the most pressing challenges in todays’ talent acquisition space: recruitment has become synonymous with administrative work. Industry data shows that anywhere between 20% to 40% of a recruiter’s day to day is spent on admin tasks; an unfortunate characteristic of the job that sits at the heart of many other challenges recruiters face. With Carv, these time-consuming admin tasks can now be fully delegated to a personalized AI, freeing up recruiters to focus on what matters most; the candidates they interact with.  

"We often talk about the future of AI in recruitment on an abstract level. With Carv we make it tangible.” says co-founder Barend Raaff. “Enabling recruiters to delegate the tasks they shouldn’t spend time on to Carv is a first step towards a reality of integrated AI. One that delivers instant benefits, and simultaneously opens the door to the fundamental rethinking of the hiring process in a later stage.

In its current form, Carv is able to take on any admin task a recruiter may have. By joining meetings, taking in the context, and applying the style and tone of voice the recruiter would normally use, Carv is not only faster in execution but also able to hold a higher quality standard. From writing job descriptions and taking interview notes, to populating ATS systems and creating candidate write-ups, Carv can do it in seconds instead of hours.

But this is just a first step towards completing the vision the Carv founders have laid out. Once recruiters are accustomed to collaborating with integrated AI, the company envisions a push for true recruiter-AI synergy, aimed at bringing the human element back to the forefront of the recruitment process. 

“In the years to come, AI will impact every stage of the hiring cycle. In a human-centric process like recruitment, finding the balance between humans and AI is key. With Carv, we’re working towards a reality where there’s optimal synergy between recruiter and AI. Where each takes on the tasks they excel in and strengthens each other in doing so.”

The team behind Carv is no stranger to recruitment innovation. The founding team previously built Harver, a market leader in digital hiring technology, and are now channeling their expertise and insight into Carv. Their track record and Carv’s current traction in the market have attracted significant investor attention, culminating in the substantial €10M seed round.

About Carv

Headquartered in Amsterdam, Carv is a fast growing innovator in recruitment technology. The company has developed an AI platform designed to streamline recruitment processes by automating administrative tasks traditionally handled by recruiters. Carv's customizable solution empowers recruiters to work more efficiently and effectively, allowing them to focus on building meaningful connections with candidates and clients. Driven by a mission to foster synergy between recruiters and artificial intelligence, Carv is revolutionizing the way talent acquisition is approached.