Let’s do it right!
We, at Carv, strongly believe in the positive impact of AI. We believe it will improve all aspects of life,
including your day-to-day job. But like every new technology, the benefits come with a responsibility.
The responsibility to do it right.

In our terms and conditions, we describe the way we use AI and handle your data in detail.
This page will help by explaining it in layman's terms.
No backdoors. No small print. No disclaimers.
The use of artificial intelligence.
The Carv platform uses multiple forms of AI to make the magic happen.
We have a simple principle at Carv: Our AI should only benefit the user, and the user only.
What this means for you?

Carv AI will find and present relevant information or execute tasks for you.

Carv AI will do this live upon your request, in the background while you are away, or when information that could be relevant for you becomes available.

Carv will not use its AI on your data for commercial goals or any goal that is not in line with your interest.

Training of artificial intelligence.
The Carv platform uses pre-trained AI models. This means you can use Carv with assurance that:
Carv will not use your meetings or any interaction to train its AI capabilities.
Your feedback on the output of our AI is only used to improve your results.
Custom Workmates, the Workmates that we can train to do a specific job for you at an exceptional level, will only be trained and available for your organization.
Taking care of your data.
The principle is simple: your data is yours. To ensure it stays this way, Carv will treat it with the utmost care.
Carv operates GDPR compliant.
Your data is stored in ISO27001-certified and SOC 2 Type II compliant data centers.
Stringent access control systems and protocols ensure only authorized users can access the data.
All data is encrypted in transit and at rest when possible.
Security and compliance.
We appreciate the trust you place in us by using Carv. And we don’t take this trust lightly. To ensure we live up to your expectations, we are committed to:
Working by and following ISO 27001 compliant processes.
Following best engineering practices when building the Carv platform.
Having external auditors perform regular security and penetration tests on our platform.
Reach out to us if you have any
questions or concerns,
we are here to help.
And most importantly; enjoy using Carv!
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