Article 1 Support

1.1 provides support regarding the use of the Service by way of the following methods:

a) consult the FAQ page on the Website;

b) a support request via the ticketing system;

c) contact the service desk through the Website;

1.2 The service desk is available on Working Days.

1.3 All services provided by under this SLA, including response and recovery (times), are based on a best effort performance.

1.4 This SLA enters into force at the same time as the Agreement. This SLA automatically terminates upon termination of the Agreement.

Article 2 Maintenance

2.1 Maintenance and updates are included in the fees to be paid for the use of the Service. Maintenance, updates and upgrades will, as far as possible, not be performed on Working Days.

2.2 will inform the Client by e-mail about maintenance, updates and upgrades. shall inform the Client if the functionality of the Service is significantly expanded or changed.

2.3 If necessary may decide that emergency maintenance has to be performed. The Service may then be partially or fully interrupted or inaccessible. If possible, shall inform the Client in advance of the time and expected duration of such emergent maintenance. endeavours that emergency maintenance will be performed at a time that causes as little interruption as possible.

Article 3 Incidents

3.1 In the event of an incident, will do its best efforts to resolve the incident as soon as possible after becoming acquainted with the incident. The Client shall sufficiently investigate the incident himself, before reporting the incident to

3.2 The Client shall report an incident as soon as possible after becoming acquainted with such incident. The report shall contain at least a clear description of the incident, a description of the investigation carried out by the Client and an estimate of the priority level(article 3.4).

3.3 Incidents shall be reported to the service desk. Upon notification of the incident by the Client to the service desk, the servicedesk shall create a ticket.

3.4 will review, classify and prioritise incidents based on the guidelines below:

3.5 Response times for accepting an incident and initiating recovery are shown below.

3.6 aims to achieve the following recovery times:

 3.7 Incidents caused by non- or incorrect functioning of the infrastructure of the Client, incorrect or inaccurate use of the Service including Carv and/or other issues outside the scope of the direct influence of will not be subject to this SLA.

3.8 If and for as long the Client fails to fulfil its obligations under the Agreement, the service levels specified in this SLA shall not apply.

Article 4 Back-up

4.1 shall ensure daily back-ups of the Content and Results processed within the Service. shall store back-ups for a limited period.

4.2 The Client has the possibility to export his Content and Results from the Service by means of the functionalities of Carv.

4.3 does not give any guarantees with regard to these back-ups and the availability of Content and Results, and cannot be held liable for any loss of data.

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