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16 Best Newsletters for Recruiters in 2024

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Andreea Macoveiciuc
Growth Marketing, Carv
Growth Marketing Manager at Carv

Feeling drowned in news, overwhelmed by new technologies, and afraid you’ll fall behind? You're not alone.

Between industry reports, hiring trends, and evolving best practices, recruiters face a constant barrage of information, making it hard to stay on top of trends and best practices. To help you cut through the noise, we've compiled a list of the best newsletters for recruiters in 2024.

These resources deliver the essential information you need in a concise and easy-to-digest format, saving you time and keeping you ahead of the curve.

Here’s our selection.

1. Recruiting Brief

We start with Recruiting Brief, a newsletter where 'expert insights, personalized for you' are shared. Recruiting Brief is a newsletter that addresses the latest news, industry insights, and current topics in recruitment from high-level thinkers.

The content is versatile and rich, allowing subscribers to draw from a wide range of opinions, not being fed with the same thoughts repeatedly. The newsletter's content is easily tailored to individual interests and needs and covers topics we consider important, given the recruitment trends of 2024.

Topics covered:

  • Candidate Experience
  • Hiring
  • Talent Acquisition
  • Employer Branding

Who’s behind it: Recruiting Brief is a collaboration between Social Recruiting Strategies and Aggregage.

Frequency: Subscribers can choose between daily updates - featuring the hottest topics of the day - or weekly, monthly, yearly, and then the best articles of that timeframe in their inbox.

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2. ERE Newsletter

‘Empower the global community of talent professionals with the intelligence they need to thrive’ - so says the slogan of Ere. Whose goal it is to empower talent in an ever-changing landscape, working towards a future workforce that is nurtured. 

ERE offers a range of online publications, webinars, newsletters, community forums, and training programs on talent acquisition. The information is presented in an investigative style, serving as a guide to understand the evolution of talented professionals, and make an impact as individuals and organizations.

Topics covered:

  • AI
  • Candidate Experience
  • Hiring Process

Who’s behind it: ERE Media.

Frequency: Weekly.

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3. HR Dive

Then HR Dive. Imagine yourself in the morning, starting your day fresh with some coffee, reading the latest news that sets the tone for your workday. Now, this is what HR Dive is about. 

With daily updates from award-winning journalists and deep dives that delve into the subject matter, HR Dive offers a daily dive into the HR industry, making it perfect for recruiters who need more time. HR Dive aims to improve onboarding, hiring, and training processes, by sparking ideas in diversity and inclusion, employer branding, onboarding, and talent acquisition.

Topics covered:

  • Compliance
  • Talent
  • Learning
  • Comp & Benefits
  • Diversity & Inclusion
  • HR Mgmt
  • Tech & Analytics

Who’s behind it: Industry Dive.

Frequency: Daily.

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4. AIHR Digital

From a daily refresher, we move to AIHR Digital, which prefers to characterize itself as an academy rather than a newsletter. An "Academy to innovate HR," to be precise.

AIHR offers a repertoire of articles, videos, guides, case studies, and learning bites - one of the broader online HR repertoires, aiming to keep subscribers updated with the emerging technologies in the HR domain, and aware - and ahead - of the digital HR revolution.

Topics covered:

  • Compensations & Benefits
  • Digital HR
  • Diversity & Inclusion
  • Employee Experience
  • Strategy & Leadership
  • Upskilling
  • Learning & Development
  • Talent Acquisition
  • Talent Management

Who’s behind it: Academy to Innovate HR.

Frequency:  Weekly.

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5. Social Talent

In a world full of recruitment challenges and lessons to learn, Social Talent might be the go-to place, since it emerges as a learning sanctuary more than a resource of information.

Social Talent creates a synergy of expertise, training, webinars, articles, and courses, tailored to different career and skill levels, having one clear goal in mind: expert-led, actionable training and education for everyone.

Topics covered:

  • Recruiting
  • Interviewing
  • DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion)
  • Leadership
  • Internal Mobility
  • Onboarding

Who’s behind it: Johnny Campbell.

Frequency: Every two weeks.

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6. Recruiting Brainfood

It’s all in the name here, Recruiting Brainfood: the newsletter that serves ‘brain food’  as brain food should be like; various types of content and perspectives tailored to you. Personal content curation, in other words. 

The newsletter includes blogs and articles, tools, assessments, and podcasts, making the overall experience extensive and engaging. The information that appears in the recruiters’ inbox is no longer generic, but personal - something that is important, since it enhances the customer experience, as this article taught us. It's the personal touch that makes us feel seen and appreciated.

Topics covered:

  • Recruitment
  • HR

Who’s behind it: Chief Curator Hung Lee and his team.

Frequency: Weekly.

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7. Roundtable Recruiting

As the name suggests, Roundtable Recruiting’s newsletter is all about a sort of roundtable discussion: insights from various professionals in the field of recruiting,  that exchange practices and strategic insights.

The newsletter contains mind-bending discussions, cutting-edge strategies, and topics such as employer branding and future recruitment, promising a path to recruiting excellence. The main goal here? Improve the world of recruitment, article by article.

Topics covered:

  • Talent Acquisition
  • Social Media
  • Hybrid Work
  • Recruiting

Who’s behind it: Recruit2.

Frequency: Bi-weekly.

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8. The Assist

The Assist is the last newsletter that, in our opinion, should not be missing in the dynamic and rapidly changing recruitment landscape. Especially because this newsletter acts as a workmate that gives career advice and cares about your well-being. Again, a newsletter where the name gives away the essence. The focus of this newsletter is not so much on actual hard recruitment content but on you, and your personal and professional development.

The Assist aspires to be a shortcut to success. It will fill your inbox with digestible content and actionable takeaways such as team-building activities, beneficial social media posts, productivity tools, and guides for how to welcome new employees.

Topics covered:

  • Personal and professional topics - depending on your field

Who’s behind it: The Assist.

Frequency: 4 times weekly: OG Tuesday, Wellness Wednesday, Thirsty Thursday, The Weekender.

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9. 10x Recruiter

The 10x Recruiter newsletter aims to motivate the upcoming wave of recruiters and talent leaders globally. Every week, it provides intriguing tips, articles, and resources covering recruitment, sourcing, and all the buzz in the talent sphere.

The newsletter shares plenty of hands-on articles, from step-by-step guides on scheduling interviews and creative hacks for recruiting candidates, to online recruiting communities to join.

Topics covered:

  • Recruitment trends and tips
  • Sourcing trends and tips

Who’s behind it: Oviya Balan and Raj Abishek, both from NurtureBox.

Frequency: Weekly.

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10. Full Stack Recruiter Newsletter

The Full Stack Recruiter Newsletter is a weekly newsletter, covering everything on recruiting and sourcing. Each issue is thoughtfully put together to offer you hands-on recruitment and sourcing tips, along with personal insights into different aspects of the recruiting landscape.

The author of this newsletter, Jan Tegze, is a seasoned recruiter who's worked for recruitment agencies and top-tier global corporations, and has coached professionals at all levels and from diverse backgrounds across the globe. He's one of LinkedIn's Top Voices and author of "Full Stack Recruiter: The Ultimate Edition" and "Full Stack Recruiter: Diversity Sourcing Strategies". If you're in search of timely and practical advice, this newsletter might be the right choice.

Topics covered:

  • Recruiting topics, from data-driven recruitment to AI's role in hiring
  • Sourcing topics
  • Hiring on LinkedIn
  • Career development for recruiters, and so on.

Who’s behind it: Jan Tegze, TA leder, sourcer/recruiter.

Frequency: Weekly

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11. The Modern Recruiter

The Modern Recruiter newsletter shares long-form video podcasts on recruitment topics for both agency and in-house recruiters. The author Robin Choy, CEO of HireSweet, interviews industry veterans on topics ranging from improving candidate closing rates and building a best-in-class interview process to the future of recruitment in the AI era.

Topics covered:

  • Agency recruitment
  • General recruitment tips and strategies

Who’s behind it: Robin Choy from HireSweet.

Frequency: Twice per month.

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12. Future of Talent Weekly Newsletter

This weekly talent acquisition newsletter shares emerging trends, ideas, technology developments and opinions on the direction of TA, learning and development, and workplace in general. It talks about the future of talent acquisition and how technology will impact it, as well as how organizations can adapt to the future and overcome obstacles to change.

Topics covered:

  • Future of TA
  • Technology's impact on talent acquisition
  • Learning and development

Who’s behind it: Kevin Wheeler

Frequency: Weekly.

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13. Recruiter's AI Digest

The Recruiter's AI Digest newsletter shares perspectives to keep TA teams ahead of the curve. The resource focuses mostly on AI in recruitment topics, but also on tools, insights, and opinions on the impact of new technologies on the workplace and the TA space.

Topics covered:

  • AI impact on recruitment
  • AI in the workplace

Who’s behind it: Metaview.

Frequency: Weekly.

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14. Recruiting Better

The Recruiting Better newsletter shares opinion articles on everything recruitment, from killer tactics and decision making tips to strategies for winning better clients and becoming a better recruiter. This newsletter stands out through the sales-focused content aimed mostly at agency recruiters and recruiting firms.

Topics covered:

  • Becoming a better recruiter
  • Growing a recruiting business
  • Recruitment strategies
  • Recruitment sales

Who’s behind it: Ben Browning from the Recruiting Better community and podcast.

Frequency: Weekly.

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15. Talent Insights

The Talent Insights newsletter focuses on strategic topics of interest for CEOs and CHROs. It offers actionable strategies for improved talent management and business growth, but also tips for better TA practices and news on the latest technologies and industry trends.

Topics covered:

  • Future of work and recruitment transformation
  • Recruitment strategies
  • CHRO career advice
  • HR topics

Who’s behind it: Jackson O. Lynch.

Frequency: Weekly.

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16. RecOps Collective

The RecOps Collective newsletter shares articles, resources, and job openings with a focus on recruitment and TA operations. Each edition features an opinion piece as well as a curated list of resources, from podcasts, blog articles, guides and industry news, to events, vacancies and even profiles of TA professionals available for new work.

Topics covered:

  • Recruitment and TA operations

Who’s behind it: Jeremy Lyons.

Frequency: Weekly.

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Over to you

As you can see, whether you're into mind-bending discussions around the future of TA and the impact of AI on recruitment, sales tips and strategies for winning clients, or CHRO-level strategies, there's a newsletter to match your style. We hope you'll find this list useful and that you'll use this curated selection of recruitment newsletters as your go-to source of information for staying in the loop in 2024.

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