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10 Top AI Tools for Meetings in 2023

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It’s 2023, and virtual meetings are at the heart of many an organization’s daily workflow. Luckily we’ve come a long way since the early days of Skype and VoIP, and with the integration of Artificial Intelligence into the domain, the way we conduct meetings doesn’t have to be a pain in the *ss anymore. 

In this article, to help you get up to speed on today’s possibilities, we will explore the role of Gen-AI in meetings, the impact this technology has on meeting efficiency, and the top AI tools to consider for your meetings in 2023. Let’s start with the basics: the role of AI in meetings.

Understanding the role of AI in meetings

The evolution of AI in business communication has been instrumental in transforming the way meetings are conducted. AI technology has the potential to streamline and automate various aspects of meetings, making them more productive and efficient. From simple automated note-taking and summary creation, to the more complex and dynamic AI assistants and information distribution bots, AI tools have become essential for many forward thinking organizations looking to optimize their meeting processes.

When it comes to automated note-taking for example, AI tools can capture and transcribe meetings in real-time. This eliminates the need for participants to take extensive notes, allowing them to fully engage in the conversation. Furthermore, AI-powered note-taking tools can generate summaries and action items, making it easier for participants to follow up on key points discussed during the meeting.

In terms of AI assistants and information distribution, there are tools out there that listen in on your meetings and give you the possibility to ask any question to an AI assistant - who then generates an answer leveraging your meetings as context. Whether you want to be catched up after a holiday, need a summary or notes on a single meeting, or are just looking for a solution for a problem that was discussed in a meeting, with the help of AI you’ll have an answer in no-time, greatly improving efficiency.

So, AI can play a significant role in improving the efficiency of your meetings, but how does it work? And should you be ‘scared’ of using AI for your meetings? Short answer: no. For the long answer, read below: 

The mechanics of AI in meetings - how does it work

Although every tool operates a bit differently, the general concept is mostly similar. In short - AI meeting tools join you in the meeting (or leverage your already existing meeting recording), transcribe it, and use the transcription as context for a Generative AI engine to generate relevant output. Whether it’s summaries of meetings, notes, action items or more complex output like solutions for problems or newly generated ideas, the principle stays te same. This approach eliminates the need for extensive pre-training or the creation of long-form and complex prompts when looking for an answer in - for example ChatGPT.

The impact of AI on meeting efficiency

The primary advantages of using AI tools in meetings are the significant improvement in efficiency, a basically infinite memory for the user and the possibility to fully focus on the meeting itself (after all, with an AI meeting tool, note taking has become a thing of the past).

But there’s more - after the meeting, AI can take over the repetitive administrative tasks like sending out follow up emails or action items for attendees. The more advanced tools have an ‘open prompt functionality’ where anything can be asked. This functionality can provide valuable insights, enabling better decision-making, ideation and even improved collaboration with colleagues. 

Furthermore, if your AI tool includes a bot that can join a meeting, it can catch you up on meetings you’ve missed, or just general topics that were discussed that are relevant to you - so you can theoretically skip meetings without missing out. For example, when you’re double booked or out of office which, especially in today’s hybrid work reality is a game changer. 

Exploring the top AI tools for meetings

Now, let's delve into the top AI tools you should consider incorporating into your meetings in 2023. One thing to note:  In the realm of AI-powered meeting solutions not all tools are identical. Each of these tools comes with its distinct set of features and capabilities, and what suits one user or organization might not be the best fit for another.

Luckily, most of these tools have a freemium set-up, or a free trial period which should give you enough time to check them out and potentially compare.

Before we dive in, a disclaimer: all information below is based on what we could find on the websites of featured tools on the 21st of November 2023 - if anything is outdated, feel free to reach out and we’ll adjust accordingly 😊*

 Let’s dive in!

1. Carv

What is Carv:

Carv is an all-in-one AI platform that provides users with a library for their meetings, infused with their own personal virtual assistant - ‘The Workmate’. This combination provides users with not just the possibility to get automated meeting summaries, action items, notes etc. but also lets them ask open questions. Which gives an entirely new dimension to AI for meetings.

Furthermore, Carv can join your meetings on your behalf and catch you up later. For example, when you’re double booked or OOO.  Carv users can also use their Workmate for brainstorming sessions, problem solving or let it do their admin. With open prompting, the possibilities are endless.

Prominent Features:
All your meetings stored in one library.
- AI Assistant in the form of ‘Workmate’.
- Can join meetings on your behalf (and update you after).
- Provides automated summaries, notes, action items.
- Can take on admin work (follow up emails, meeting agendas and more).
- Can generate ideas, solutions and variations on topics based on meeting context.

Allows for team and company-wide workspaces to improve synergy between Hybrid and Remote team members. 

Freemium/Trial - Yes, freemium:
Carv has a freemium offering which allows users to always have full-functionality-access (including summaries, notes, action items & usage of the AI-workmate) to their 5 last meetings.
- With its referral scheme, users can unlock access to additional meetings:  Every team member invited to Carv gives access to an extra meeting.

Paid Subscription:
- $27 p/m for full access including
- Unlimited meetings storage
- Unlimited Workmate usage


What is grain?
Grain is an AI-powered meeting automation tool that helps you record, transcribe, and summarize your meetings with AI. It allows you to focus on the conversation without worrying about taking notes and lets users share clips of meetings afterwards.

Prominent features
Meeting library
- Automated meeting notes
- Select and share key moments
- Automated meeting summaries

Collaboration comes equipped with a shared library for teams, so every meeting becomes an opportunity. Teams can collaborate on meetings and share clips and insights to make sure everyone is on the same page.

Grain has a limited usage based trial where you can add 20 meetings one-off.

Paid Subscription  
Grain’s paid starter plan starts at $15 per seat per month. It’s business plan lands at $29 per seat per month

3. Otter

What is Otter? is an AI meeting assistant that records audio, writes notes, captures action items, and generates summaries. has been active in the meeting intelligence space for a while now but started out as a transcription tool. Today, it is a versatile AI platform capable of transforming spoken audio from meetings or audio recordings into written text, identify speakers, add labels to speakers and capture presented slides.

Prominent features
Real-time transcription during meetings
- Identifies keywords and phrases for easy search
- Automated note taking/action items and summaries
- Allows replaying parts of the conversation when required.

Otter allows for collaboration within it’s platform. Users can send each other notes, tag colleagues and add comments or questions.

Freemium/Trial has free version of its platform for users to start out with that records and transcribes meetings, generates meeting summaries and takes notes.

Paid Subscription
Otter’s Pro plan starts at $10 per user per month for solo users. For teams, pricing starts at $20. 

4. Fireflies

What is Fireflies?
Fireflies automates meeting notes and helps teams transcribe, summarize, search and analyze voice conversations. 

Prominent features
Automated transcripts and notes
- Smart search and topic trackers
- Create shareable meeting snippets
- Leave comments for team members
- All meetings in one place

Fireflies allows users to add comments, pins, and reactions to specific parts of their conversations. This allows them to provide feedback and emphasize key points during their discussions. Additionally, they have the capability to curate memorable moments from their meetings, transforming them into soundbites that are simple to share with colleagues and team members.To streamline their workflow, users can seamlessly share meeting notes through collaboration tools like Slack, Notion, Asana and more. 

Fireflies has a credit based freemium offering that allows for recording and transcribing of 800 minutes of meetings per month, automated meetings summaries, search within meetings and creation of clips.  

Paid Subscription
Fireflies’ paid subscription starts at $10 per seat per month for a Pro subscription designed for individuals and small teams. It’s Business subscription comes in at $19 per seat per month billed annually. 

5. Supernormal

What is Supernormal?
Supernormal is an AI note taking tool designed to write, polish and share meeting notes with those that need them, so users can focus more on the work only they can do.

Prominent features
- Automated action items and note taking
- Customizable note-taking templates
- Automatically share notes with meeting attendees
- Keep track and follow-up on work that happens across teams

Supernormal allows for automated note sharing and integrates with tools like Zapier, Workable, Hubspot and Pipedrive for faster collaboration

Supernormal has a freemium package that allows for 20 free meetings per month (for Google Meet only) that will give AI meeting summaries, action items and transcripts. With an additional 10 extra meetings per month for every newly invited team member.

Paid Subscription
Supernormal has a variable paid subscription price depending on the number of monthly meeting minutes. For more details check:

6. Meetgeek

What is Meetgeek?
Meetgeek is an AI meeting assistant designed to maximize the value of team meetings, customer calls and hiring interviews. Meetgeek records, transcribes, summarizes and shares personalized insights from every meeting. 

Prominent features
AI Meeting summaries in 20+ languages
- Automated note taking and recaps
- Share insights with your team
- Search through meetings
- Measure meeting engagement, efficiency and burnout

With Meetgeek, you can share meeting summaries and highlights with teams automatically so everyone is on the same page. Furthermore, you can set up rules for sharing for transparency and coaching opportunities. 

MeetGeek has a freemium version that comes with:
- 5 hours of transcription / mo
- 3 months transcript storage
- 1 month audio storage
- Zoom, Google Meet, Teams call transcription
- AI meeting summaries
- Global search
- Share meetings & highlights with others
- Playbacks
- Integrations
- Upload past calls
- Meeting insights & tips

Paid Subscription
MeetGeeks Pro and Business subscriptions come in at $19 and $39 per user per month with monthly payment, and $15 and $29 with an annual payment structure. 

7. Airgram

What is Airgram?
Airgram is a meeting intelligence tool designed to help maximize the value of both your internal and client-facing meetings. Airgram enables users to record, transcribe, summarize and share meeting conversations. 

Prominent features
Keep a permanent meeting record
- Automated note taking
- Share highlights and video clips
- Collaborate with colleagues
- Share a meeting agenda up front

Airgram lets users simultaneously take notes, share comments, and set to-dos, before, during and after the meeting. 

Airgram has a freemium subscription that let’s users record 5 meetings per month with a maximum of 30 minutes per meeting. 

Paid Subscription
Airgram’s paid subscription starts at $18 per user/per month, billed monthly.

8. SemblyAI

What is SemblyAI?
Sembly AI is a meeting assistant designed to transcribe meetings, take notes and generate insights for you and your team. 

Prominent features
- Automated meeting notes
- Meeting library
- Time stamped notes & bookmarks
- Meeting summaries
- Automated follow ups

Sembly lets teams collaborate on meetings by sharing meeting notes and bookmarks with team members. 

Sembly has a trial version with a monthly meeting recording limit of 4 hours. Your meetings will be stored for 3 months and in the trial, Sembly will generate transcripts of your meetings.

Paid Subscription
Sembly subscriptions start at $10 and run up to $29 per user per month depending on the type of subscription.

9. Rewatch

What is Rewatch?
Rewatch automatically records meetings, and lets users collaborate on, and share video meetings and screen recordings. Rewatch provides transcriptions, summaries notes on all your meetings and lets you create a series of asynchronous meetings so you can ‘meet without a meeting’.
Prominent features

- Automated summaries, action items and transcriptions.
- Centralize all  meeting videos, notes and discussions in one place.
- Record yourself or your screen for video messages
- Create series, so you can meet without a meeting.

Rewatch stores meetings and updates in an organizable database and lets users update each other by sharing short clips and videos.

Rewatch has a 14-day free trial plan that allows for 15 transcribed recordings and 5 AI summaries per month. 

Paid Subscription
Rewatch’s paid plan starts at $19 per user per month paid yearly, or $23.75 paid per month. 

10. Fathom 

What is Fathom?
Fathom is an AI meeting assistant designed to increase your productivity. It records, transcribes, highlights and summarizes your meetings, so you can focus on the conversation.

Prominent features
Meeting transcriptions
- Highlights and summaries
- Formats copied text to output software
- Generates and syncs call notes to your CRM
- Create clips of important sections within a meeting.

Fathom offers a team edition that provides users with a single, searchable repository for calls.

Fathom for solo users is free. 

Paid Subscription
It’s team version starts at $24 per month per seat. It’s pro subscription starts at $29 per user per month. 

There you have it - 10 of todays’ hottest AI tools for meetings, that can help you make the most out of your meetings. Now armed with insights into how these innovations can transform your meeting experiences, it's time to take the next step. Dive into the world of efficiency, collaboration, and seamless communication by trying out some of the tools mentioned above. Whether it's harnessing the power of virtual assistants, optimizing scheduling, or enhancing real-time collaboration, these AI tools are designed to elevate your meetings. Give them a spin, discover their unique features, and find the perfect fit for your needs. Here's to more productive and streamlined meetings ahead!

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