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Best 6 AI Interview Tools to Delegate Admin Work

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Andreea Macoveiciuc
Growth Marketing, Carv
Growth Marketing Manager at Carv

In the early days, recruitment technology was all about finding ways to automate every possible step in the recruitment workflow - from sourcing to onboarding and everything in between.

But the most time-consuming stage of all - the interview process - was one that, until now, couldn’t really be automated. Or at least, the technology wasn’t advanced enough yet.

It’s been a journey getting to that technological sweet spot with interviews. Initially, we began using video to replace human interviews entirely with virtual ones, where candidates go through the whole hiring process without even speaking directly with a recruiter.

But using these types of interview tools created a new problem for recruiters: the candidate experience suffered, and applicants were left feeling undervalued and overlooked.

Thanks to major recent advancements in artificial intelligence technology, we’re now able to automate candidate interviews in way that makes them better and more enjoyable for everyone.

These AI interview tools work because they’re not designed to automate the interviews themselves, but all the admin that goes with it. That way, recruiters can benefit from the automation without sacrificing any of the human parts of interviews. They can provide better, more engaging interviews by offering candidates their undivided attention, and let AI technology handle the rest.

With these sorts of AI interview tools, it's no longer just about efficiency, but about having the space to establish more meaningful connections with candidates than ever before.

Let’s look at the different types of AI-based interviewing tools recruiters can use to support in the interview process, and some examples of the best tools available on the market right now.

How is AI software used for interviews?

AI interview tools come in various categories, each designed to address different aspects of the recruitment process.

Here are some common categories or types of AI interview tools:

  • Recruiter-AI collaboration platforms: These enable real-time collaboration between recruiters and AI. These tools are like recruitment workmates, working alongside recruiters to carry the burden of admin involved in interviews, like note-taking, summary writing and candidate profile creation.
  • Automated video interview platforms: Tools that use AI to automate and conduct video interviews. These tools can assess candidates through facial expressions, language analysis, and tone of voice. Some tools can provide one-way interview functionalities, enabling entirely asynchronistic interviewing, meaning a recruiter doesn’t even have to be present during the interview at all.
  • Chatbot interview assistants: AI-powered chatbots that engage with candidates in a conversational manner, asking predefined questions and gathering information to assess their suitability for the role. These tools are normally used for prescreening in volume hiring.
  • Language processing and analysis tools: Solutions that employ natural language processing (NLP) to analyze written or spoken responses, extracting meaningful insights and evaluating communication skills.
  • Gamified interview assessments: Platforms that use gamification principles and AI to assess a candidate’s cognitive abilities, problem-solving skills, and personality traits in an engaging manner.
  • Bias Detection and mitigation tools: Tools designed to identify and mitigate biases in the hiring process, ensuring fair and objective evaluations of candidates during interviews.

1. Carv

Best for: Increasing recruitment effectiveness

Stands out through: Recruiter-AI collaboration

Carv is an AI-powered recruitment platform designed to manage the administrative aspects of interviews and intake calls. The platform integrates into the ATS and works alongside human recruiters, like a true AI workmate.

What does Carv do?

In short, it joins meetings - be they intake calls with hiring managers or interviews with job seekers, and takes over all the admin work associated with these calls.

By minimizing administrative tasks, Carv gives recruiters the breathing space to concentrate on more candidate-focused activities — like fully engaging in conversation during interviews instead of worrying about note-taking and assessing the candidate against predefined interview criteria.

Carv’s features are all specifically designed with the recruitment process in mind, so it can  support recruiters when conducting all interview-related administrative work. Here's how it helps:

  • Pre-interview: Carv records all necessary details during intake calls with hiring managers so recruiters don’t need to take any manual notes during the discussion. The tool then uses an AI-generated transcript to automatically create a job description based on what the hiring manager asked for during the call.
  • During the interview: Carv records each candidate interview, providing a verbatim transcription of the conversation and lets recruiters know at the end if there are any unanswered questions still to cover. The tool then automatically generates a candidate profile using the transcripts.
  • Post-interview: After the interview, Carv summarizes the conversation and prepares a candidate presentation or recommendation for the hiring manager to review, highlighting whether the candidate is a right fit for the role. It also pre-populates the ATS with candidate data and sends a follow-up message to the candidate.

What users love most about Carv: Talent acquisition teams report that they appreciate how much time the tool saves them by being able to delegate so much of the admin work related to interviews. Carv also keeps recruiters and hiring managers on the same page by acting as a single source of truth, so no information gets lost during the hiring process.

2. Metaview

Best for: Taking interview notes

Stands out through: Language processing and analysis

Metaview is an AI solution designed to streamline your interview process by providing automatic, AI-generated interview notes and summaries. This allows you to save time and focus on meaningful conversations with candidates.

One standout Metaview feature is its ChatGPT integration, which functions as an interview assistant. You ask the AI assistant questions about your interview transcripts, and it will use Natural Language Processing (NPL) to deliver insights that help you easily assess the candidate against your interview criteria.

Metaview is an invaluable collaboration tool that can also help recruiters improve their interviewing skills. It trains recruiters by guiding them in how to ask the right questions, improve their phrasing to get better quality answers from candidates and minimize any unintentional interview biases.

Metaview seamlessly integrates with most leading ATS recruitment software, which reduces manual tasks by automatically exchanging interview data with your candidate database and pipeline.

What users love most about Metaview: Customers talk a lot about Metaview’s NLP-powered interview training and external feedback module helping hiring teams improve their interview skills and reduce bias.

3. MyInterview

Best for: Gamified assessments

Stands out through: Chatbot interviewing

MyInterview is an AI-powered video interview platform with an integrated virtual interview chatbot designed to streamline high-volume hiring processes.

MyInterview is an example of zero-touch hiring software, where it uses a combination of asynchronous video interviews, gamified assessments and a virtual TA called Tiana to guide canadidates through the hiring process without any need for live recruiter input.  

The Tiana chatbot asks a set of predefined questions that work like gamified interview assessments. She then uses candidate answers to assesses key personality traits, communication style, and other attributes. The AI also uses machine learning algorithms to analyze video interviews, providing insights on candidate skills, qualifications, and cultural fit.

Recruiters can quickly identify promising candidates based on these AI-generated insights. The platform's customizable interview templates and user-friendly interface make it suitable for businesses seeking a scalable, efficient way to evaluate candidates en masse.

What customers love most about MyInterview: Users love this tool’s ability to screen high volumes of candidates to find proficiency in a specific skill or trait. The easy interface also scores this tool extra brownie points!

4. Jobma

Best for: Automated video interviews

Stands out through: Mobile friendliness

Jobma is a video interviewing platform that has a bunch of different features that combined, are designed to streamline the recruitment process.

One of these features is AI-powered video interviewing. Jobma allows candidates to complete virtual interviews in their own time, while its AI tools analyze candidates’ responses, providing recruiters with key insights into their skills, personality, and cultural fit.

Jobma supports both one-way and live video interviews so recruiters can review and assess applicants efficiently. With features like customizable interview questions, multi-language support, and automated interview scheduling, Jobma simplifies the interview process for global teams, enhancing collaboration and reducing time-to-hire while offering candidates a convenient, user-friendly experience.

What customers love most about Jobma: Hiring teams report that they receive a lot of positive feedback from candidates using the platform to record their interview responses - particularly as they’re able to record them on a smartphone.

5. Recruitee

Best for: Automating recruitment workflows

Stands out through: Bias detection

Recruitee is an AI-enhanced recruitment platform that streamlines a lot of different stages of the hiring process. It features a few different tools for collaborative hiring, talent sourcing, and workflow automation. But in my opinion, the interview tool is Recruitees strongest feature.

First of all, it has a neat screening feature with ‘knockout’ questions that auto-generate shortlists of candidates that are a right fit for the role.

The interview tool also comes with fair evaluation templates that are designed to prevent unintentional bias by ensuring that hiring managers assess every candidate on the same criteria. Hiring teams also provide all post-interview candidate feedback anonymously through the platform, ensuring all hiring decisions are made fairly.

What users love most about Recruitee: Users say the best thing about Recruitee is how intuitive it is to use, and customer support is highly rated.


Best for: Interview automation

Stands out through: Language processing and analysis tool

Interviewer.AI is an AI-driven video interviewing platform that helps recruiters pre-screen, interview, and shortlist candidates quickly and easily. This makes it one of the leading interview automation tools for larger businesses that engage in a lot of high-volume hiring.

Instead of focusing on improving the quality of live interviews (as tools like Carv and Metaview do), Interviewer.AI uses asynchronous video interviews to automate the entire interview process. Once virtual interview recordings are completed by candidates, the tool applies AI language processing to the transcript to assess whether a candidate should be shortlisted in a matter of seconds.

By relying on Interviewer.AI, hiring teams can dramatically reduce the time it takes to shortlist candidates by automating the pre-screening interviews and transcription process, eliminating the need for human input.

What customers love most about Interviewer.AI: Customers appreciate Interviewer.AI for its ability to save time by filtering out unqualified candidates before live interviews, allowing recruiters to focus on more promising prospects.

Over to you

Clearly, recruitment technology has come a long way even in just the last few years. Thanks to advancements in AI, you now have interview technology that can accurately and fairly assess candidates during interviews without the need for human input at all.

But providing a great interview experience for candidates is still a top priority, and to go this you need an AI interview tool that can hit that sweet spot: taking over the admin workload while giving recruiters the space to nurture meaningful connections with candidates.

Carv takes over all the interview-related admin, bringing it down to zero. Try it out for free or request a demo below.

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