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External Recruiters, Here’s How to Reduce Recruitment Admin with AI

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Paul Beglinger
Head of People & Operations, Carv
Close to a decade of experience crafting success stories, from startup to global presence.

If you’re working in a staffing agency or as an independent recruitment consultant, you might have days when you feel that admin work is eating up your entire day, and you’re not sure whether all the effort you’re putting in will lead to any result.

You open your inbox and the pile of emails feels overwhelming; you start going through the list, responding to some emails and postponing others until your “admin hour”.

Then you jump over to LinkedIn and your job boards to see what’s new - did anyone reply? Maybe they’ve sent a CV, or accepted your connection request?

By the time you need to start making phone calls, you’re already drained. And you only have 100 candidates and 20 clients to reach out to...

I’ve been there, done that. Even on my most organized days, I still dreaded the administrative tasks and the constant switching between tools and screens, between candidates and clients.

And I had many, many days when I wished I had a second pair of hands, or a clone.

Well, guess what.

Today, I’m helping the team at Carv build the next-gen AI recruiter!

Or how we like to call it: An AI workmate that joins you during your day-to-day work, helping with admin before, during, and after calls.

Here’s what we’re building, why, and what your day could look like with Carv working alongside.

How Carv’s AI for recruiters works

Our vision for Carv is to pave the way for fully autonomous recruitment and enable recruiters - be they in-house, external, or consultants - to fully delegate admin tasks to AI, so that they can focus solely on building their client and talent pipelines.

We’re not there yet, in the sense that despite the rapid adoption of AI in recruitment, the industry still isn't fully ready to embrace AI-led hiring.

But we’re moving towards autonomous recruitment really fast, and Carv is leading this movement.

To get to a point where internal teams and recruitment agencies are fully comfortable with removing manual tasks and delegating their entire hiring process to AI, we take a staged approach, as described below.

Step 1. Automate all the internal admin

First, we help recruiting teams automate their internal admin. All the time-consuming tasks related to intake calls and interviews, from preparing these calls to sending follow-up communication - all these are handled by Carv’s AI.

To give just some examples: Carv assists me with debriefing intake calls and writing job requirements and job descriptions, extracting highlights from interviews with potential candidates and creating candidate profiles, or writing motivation letters to hiring managers.

These tasks are not just time-consuming but also impact overall recruitment costs, especially for agency recruiters and consultants.

So in short, the first goal of Carv’s AI is to remove the admin hours from your calendar.

Carv does this by creating all the documents used in the hiring process, making sure all sources of information or input for a candidate or a client are correctly linked, and structuring the information in whatever format you need for your ATS or CRM.

On top of this, Carv aims to give you back your first and last hours of the day as well - if you’re comfortable with it. More on this in Step 2 below.

Step 2. Automate external engagements

Next to taking over the internal admin work, Carv supports recruiters with external engagements too.

The AI recruiter helps you save time and work in a more cost-effective manner, by owning the full funnel from the first inbound or outbound touch to moving a candidate to fully qualified lead for recruitment or talent pool.

So Carv’s AI aims to take over all the sourcing and shortlisting efforts, finding candidates for you, pre-screening them, matching them to existing jobs or potential clients, and then reaching out to the best candidates on your behalf.

It handles the entire application process, including requesting information from candidates for the first screening round if the CV isn’t complete, or browsing through social media platforms and collecting information from LinkedIn and such, to get a proper candidate profile.

Next to streamlining the sourcing and candidate connection part, Carv helps with community management. It creates and manages an up-to-date, engaged talent pool, proactively suggesting the right candidates for new positions, or finding the right clients for already qualified candidates.

The never-tired AI recruiter supports you in searching through talent pools, reactivating quality candidates who haven’t engaged with you during previous attempts, and building meaningful connections - with minimum effort on your end.

When all this work is delegated to AI, your recruitment strategy can become a lot more proactive and creative, as you’re no longer wasting time on admin work. The infinite hiring machine powered by Carv does the work for you.

And it gets even more interesting when recruitment teams dare to take it a step further and automate the pipeline creation as well.

Here’s how Carv supports in turning hiring into a revenue machine.

Step 3. Delegate pipeline building to AI

This may not apply to in-house recruiters dealing with only a few vacancies per year, but for larger talent acquisition teams, as well as for recruitment agencies and recruiting consultants, being able to delegate parts of the pipeline creation process is a huge help.

Carv’s vision is to support TA teams and individual recruitment service providers in turning hiring into a revenue driver through exploration and expansion.

What this means in practice is that Carv’s AI finds opportunities for commercial growth and enables your team to capitalize on those opportunities.

For example, it can monitor all the developments at your target companies and find the right candidates even when you have no job postings yet. Or it can find and highlight potential matches between new jobs and your talent pool, helping you reduce the time to hire and cost per hire.

Finally, Carv’s AI can enable your teams with insights for more effective outreach, as well as with client and candidate documentation. With the exception of the job offer, interview with candidates, and intake calls with hiring managers - all the other admin work in the recruitment process can be delegated to AI.

Now that you know what Carv does and how it supports recruiters in finding top talent, here’s how a regular day looks like for our staffing agency clients - with their AI workmates working alongside.

How to structure your day to minimize recruitment admin

To keep this structured, I’ll show you the before and after states - the day of a recruiter who uses Carv to handle the admin, and the typical agenda of a recruiter who relies on manual processes and other recruitment software.

Recruitment day without Carv

In general, the first hour of the day is for getting up to speed - checking your agenda and going through your inbox to see what’s new. Who replied, who’s ready to move to the next stage, which prospects have shown interest in your candidates.

You’ll also go through job ads and applicants, screening CVs and shortlisting the most qualified job seekers. Depending on priorities, you might postpone engaging with some candidates until later in the day, but client communication will generally be picked up right away.

Without AI, this is one solid hour of manual work, going through piles of emails and LinkedIn messages, replying to the urgent ones, and postponing the less urgent but still important ones for the admin hour.

The admin hour is generally right before or right after lunch, or sometimes split into 30-min before lunch and 30-min after, which often becomes 90 minutes of admin and a rushed snack somewhere in between.

Right after your first hour, you have focus hours for candidate and client calls. Depending on your targets, you might want to prioritize one or the other, but in general, you’ll try to keep a balance between client and candidate calls. Whenever someone replies through email, phone, or social media, you’ll jump over and engage or reply back and try to schedule a call.

When all the urgent things have been solved, you’ll move over to more admin work. On a good day, you’ll probably get around 2 hours of focused work in the morning, and 3-3.5 hours in the afternoon. In general, you’ll call candidates in the morning and prospect new clients later in the day, during the afternoon focus hours.

During the admin hour - the one consuming your lunchtime - you’ll handle important but non-urgent administrative tasks. This includes creating cover sheets, sending out CVs, answering more emails, posting job ads, and so on.

So at the end of the day, you’ve spent 3-3.5 hours on admin. That’s 30% of your workday.

And if you’re lucky enough, you managed to complete all your prep work for the next day during the last hour of the day, but in my experience, this one hour turns into as-many-hours-as-needed to feel ahead of the game the next day.

We - the team at Carv - believe there’s a better way to do things, and we’re doing our best to make recruitment enjoyable and human again for all parties involved: candidates, hiring managers, and you - the recruiters going through this endless admin spiral day in and day out.

So here’s the same day, but this time reimagined by Carv!

Recruitment day with Carv

At Carv, we made one bold assumption when defining our product vision: that you, the recruiters connecting candidates with clients every single day, truly cherish the connecting part.

We presumed that your favorite aspect of the day isn't the email sorting and call scheduling, but the genuine conversations with prospects and job seekers.

Thus, we're developing a product that assists you in restructuring your day in a manner that's energizing, enjoyable, and brings recruitment back to its essence.

We make use of AI because this technology, unlike regular automation, can actually restore the human aspect and make the recruitment process feel more personal.

So what does a Carv-led day look like?

You wake up, open Carv, and the AI recruiter greets you with all the work that’s been done for you while you were away. It also presents you with the agenda of the day, some tasks where it needs your help or input, and what your workmate planned to do - the tasks it planned to handle for you.

You’re free to approve or reject the proposals, and to delegate other work to your AI colleague.

This is the vision behind Carv - to enable fully autonomous recruitment by bringing admin down to zero and freeing you up, so you can focus on candidates and clients.

As explained in the beginning, Carv focuses on three core areas:

  • Internal admin
  • External engagement
  • Exploration and expansion

In its current version, Carv takes over the interview- and intake-related admin, including the preparation and follow-up tasks. It joins your calls, takes notes, and writes all the documentation for you, from job requirements and descriptions to candidate profiles and motivation sheets.

You can try the product for free and use it as it is, or get on a call with our team and discuss your needs for the External engagement and Expansion phases.

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